Utensil Race Proof Obscene Story Japanese Realistic Sleeve


Unbelievably realistic and moulded from one of Japans top porn stars, the noduled, ribbed and bumpy texture is satisfying from beginning to end. This has a super complex texture and structure, feeling could be better than real. In this new version, the gspot lump has been made bigger and an uterus stinger is added at the end of the passage. Other sleeves cannot give this special feeling, you will know the difference immediately when you put a finger into the hole. It does not feel like a hole, it feels like there are a lots of muscle stacked together, and it gives a different pleasure for every cm you go in. Also it is large in size, feeling is much better

Size: 7 Inches
Color: Flesh
Flexibility: Stretchy
Lube type: Water Based
Designed for: Men
Brand: Various Toy Brands

Code: 3059

Price: EUR 95,45

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