Twin Turbo Rabbit


Twin Turbo Ocsillation A soft and smooth rotating penis tip that probes you so deeply and so thoroughly in two directions you’ll love every sensual speed. Twin Turbo Shaft Revolutionary development in vaginal pleasure Two sets of rotating beads traveling in 2 separate directions.the results is total ecstasy.and hit the button they both change directions AGAIN Twin Turbo Rabbit Clit Vibe Clitoral massage as its very best. A soft subtle rabbit shape whose nose wiggles and shakes just the perfect amount. Try in all of the Three Speeds Twin Shaft and Rabbit Control The headquarters of this unique and exotic tool is a technologically advanced Soft Touch control panel with orange indicator lights for maximum control

Size: 7 Inches
Color: Blue
Flexibility: Slight
Controller: Built In
Designed for: Women
Brand: Seven Creations

Code: 335

Price: EUR 58,75

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